8.19.16: Dennis Suh Joins ValueXpress

Dennis Suh has joined ValueXpress to serve as a vice president for the commercial loan originations group. He will focus on originating CMBS conduit loans and agency loans in the broader national markets. Dennis comes with a background in originating fixed-rate conduit loans in core markets in the Northeast, Midwest and South/Southeast. Prior to joining ValueXpress, Dennis originated and underwrote CMBS conduit loans for Barclays Capital, Inc., UBS Securities, LLC and Credit Suisse, LLC in New York City.

“ValueXpress is extremely pleased to have Dennis Suh join the ValueXpress team,” commented Michael D. Sneden, Executive Vice President at ValueXpress. “Dennis brings with him a depth of knowledge and experience that will benefit our clients. CMBS conduit loans are probably the most complex commercial loan product out there and we at ValueXpress are successful because of our many years of in-depth CMBS conduit loan experience.”

“I am excited to bring my experience and contacts from the investment banking side of the CMBS business to my existing and new clients,” said Dennis. “Together with my talented colleagues at ValueXpress I have the ability to truly provide a ‘value-added’ proposition in terms of streamlining the CMBS loan process and negotiating the best loan structure and terms for my borrowers.”

You can reach Dennis at 212-883-6487 and dsuh@valuexpress.com.

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