7.7.15: Anil Vasani Joins ValueXpress

Anil Vasani, a 20-year veteran in commercial real estate lending, joined ValueXpress effective July 1. Anil is primarily responsible for commercial loan originations focused on CMBS conduit loans in the Mid-Atlantic States, including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and states south to Georgia. Anil is based in Edison, New Jersey.

“Anil brings an outstanding breadth of experience to the ValueXpress team. He has a history in commercial lending, where he assisted many business owners in obtaining financing, primarily through SBA and conventional sources, for hotel and gas station owners, franchise business owners, including over 300 Dunkin Donuts and similar franchise transactions,” commented Michael D. Sneden, Executive Vice President at ValueXpress.

“In addition, Anil has been active in placing income-producing loans for office buildings, retail centers and apartment complexes, as well as over 100 hospitality loans. Anil has a significant address book of Asian-American borrowers who fit the CMBS conduit loan profile, and we intend to grow that aspect Anil’s business,” said Sneden.

“I am very excited to be working with Mike, Jim and the rest of the ValueXpress team,” said Anil. “ValueXpress has an excellent reputation in the market for service. My prior work demanded hand holding to achieve a good borrower experience. And ValueXpress is known for that kind of personal touch.”

“I am particularly energized to originate CMBS conduit loans, given the resurgence of the product and the ability to provide unrestricted cash out to owners of underleveraged properties or those in which the sponsor created value through leasing or rehabilitation,” said Anil. “I will be hitting New Jersey and New York to kick off, then work the balance of the Mid-Atlantic in anticipation of originating a significant amount of CMBS conduit loans.”


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