7.10.15: ValueXpress-Sponsored Team Wins Cricket Tournament

PanAm “A” defeated Corpus Christi “A” in the 2015 Bhakta Invitational Cricket Tournament held in Dallas, Texas on July 2-6. ValueXpress sponsored PanAm “A” as well as was a tournament sponsor.

ValueXpress Bhakta Cricket Tournament 2015

Over 600 participants and guests attended the event. Matches were played at two locations: McKinney and Irving, Texas. PanAm “A” moved easily through the brackets, while Corpus Christi “A” played extremely well against its opponents, setting up an exciting final match. For those unfamiliar with cricket, scoring in cricket matches involves two elements — number of runs scored and number of wickets lost by each team. In the final, PanAm scored 176 runs and lost 8 wickets. Corpus Christi “A” scored 114 runs and lost 8 wickets.

Winning Team -- ValueXpress-Sponsored Pan Am "A"

Winning Team — ValueXpress-Sponsored PanAm “A”

“What an exciting tournament to sponsor,” commented Jay Bhakta, Senior Loan Originator and ValueXpress representative at the tournament. “Cricket is a huge sport in our community, and it was an honor to be a part of the spectators cheering on the teams. And to be a sponsor of the winning team? Well, that was icing on the cake!”


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