11.1.13: Mike Sneden to Present at Commercial Capital Training Group

Michael D. Sneden, Executive Vice President at ValueXpress, will be presenting CMBS conduit loan origination techniques to the November 2013 class of the Commercial Capital Training Group (CCTG) in Albany, N.Y. on Wednesday, November 20. CCTG is a one-of-a-kind training company that provides a one-week, comprehensive commercial training and education program tailored for new and experienced commercial loan and mortgage brokers. Sneden will be sharing with participants his selling skills, which he has honed from originating $1.5 billion of CMBS conduit loans over a 20-year span. Sneden will be instructing future classes monthly for the foreseeable future, continuing the legacy of Kevin Monahan, who presented at the school on behalf of ValueXpress until his death from cancer in early October.

“I want the CCTG professionals to learn the CMBS conduit loan product, its benefits, its structure and how to sell the product to their clients,” said Sneden. “Then, I want them to lean on ValueXpress to produce positive underwriting and closing experiences that clients will share with other owners to drive more business to CCTG grads, earning them substantial fees in the process.”

“I am responsible for underwriting and closing CMBS conduit loans at ValueXpress,” notes Jim Brett, head of underwriting. “Ongoing, Mike and I will help CCTG grads with qualifying transactions, loan sizing, sponsor education on CMBS loan structure, property/sponsor underwriting and loan closing.”

For more information on Commercial Capital Training Group and how to enroll in the training program, please visit http://www.commercialcapitaltraining.com/.

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