11.12.12: ValueXpress Teams Up with RBM Financial on Loan Diligence

With the surge of loan applications (see “Low Rates Spur Surge in CMBS Loan Applications”), ValueXpress has announced it is working with RBM Financial to ensure that loan underwriting and closing documentation required from CMBS conduit borrowers are managed in a timely manner to meet loan-closing time frames.  RBM will assist ValueXpress on portfolio transactions and other transactions during peak periods in which there is potential that ValueXpress staff may not be able to handle the work volume.

“Our mission is to provide service to our clients by assisting them in understanding and completing the entire CMBS loan process in a timely and efficient manner,” said Michael D. Sneden, Executive Vice President of ValueXpress.  “Should we experience peak loan volume, we want to ensure that service does not suffer; during those periods, RBM will assist us in maintaining the service level our clients expect.”

“My team has been completing diligence on real estate loans and assets for over 25 years,” commented Richard B. Marion, Principal in RBM Financial. “I have professionals who can hop on a plane at a moment’s notice should ValueXpress require resources on-site to work with its clients on loan diligence.  My staff is instilled with the same service orientation as Mike’s team, and I am confident we will work well together.”

RBM Financial is a real estate advisory firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.  The firm provides due diligence services, underwriting and cash flow analysis for CMBS loans and CMBS securities for institutional investors and investment banks that originate CMBS loans for securitization.

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